• Public-Private Partnerships

  • Marketing and Communications
        - Strategic Marketing
        - Media and Public Relations
        - Social Media

​​         - Vision Articulation​

  • Professional Development
        - Leadership Training
        - Professional Coaching & Mentoring

  • ​Process Improvement

  • Community Sustainability

  • Public Infrastructure

  • Tactical Research and Solutions

Our Specialties 

Community Paradigm Associates offers a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of local government, nonprofit organizations, and community groups. 

Our Specialties Include

What We Offer

We deliver innovative, transformational solutions for the issues our clients face. Our executives and associates draw upon their extensive government, academic, and private sector experience to provide the answers our clients need to effectively and efficiently manage their organizations.

  • ​Strategic Analysis and Counsel

  • Executive Recruiting

  • ​Economic and Community Development

  • ​Public Finance

  • Turnaround Management

  • Strategic Management and Planning

  • Municipal Process

  • Government Relations and Advocacy

  • Social Innovation

  • Building High Performing Organizations

  • Collaborative Decision-Making

  • Public Policy

  • Community Engagement